Our solicitors have practised extensively in Family Law,
Wills and Estates, Employment Law and Conveyancing.

Wills & Estates

One of the most difficult times in a person’s life is dealing with the estate of a loved one.

The best way for you to make sure that this affects your loved ones as little as possible is by ensuring that you have a Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship in place so that your wishes are clearly known.

All three of these documents are extremely important if you suffer some misfortune which leaves you incapable of giving clear instructions or managing your affairs.

We understand that you want your intentions clearly followed and can assist you in the preparation of your Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship to make sure that your wishes are carried out.

Being Left Out of, or unfairly treated in a Will

Whether you have been left out of a Will completely or you feel the Will is one-sided, it is important to seek legal advice to make sure you are being fairly treated. You only have 12 months to lodge a claim in the Supreme Court to explore your entitlements in a Will.

We have wide experience in these matters and regularly conduct successful claims on behalf of clients in the Supreme Court.

In our experience, the challenge to a Will can be a serious and stressful time for a person. We will take the time to advise you about your rights and entitlements and only institute proceedings if we are confident of success.

Family Law

Separation is a time of confusion and turmoil for your family and the law is not always an easy thing to understand, especially at a time of personal stress, emotion and uncertainty.

Our priority is to help you through the process of separation to make sure that you are able to spend the most possible time with your kids and receive the share of marital property that you are entitled to.

Greg Tyler & Associates have over 40 years’ experience in Family Law and provide professional advice and representation when your relationship has broken down.

We will guide you through the difficult time of separation, spending time with your children, divorce, property division and child support.


Buying or selling a property can be confusing – especially for the first home buyer. Greg Tyler & Associates understands how important the purchase of your new home is. 

From the beginning of your purchase we will give you an estimate of your legal costs and will keep you updated on the progress of your purchase or sale. We believe conveyancing should be simple, efficient and cost effective for you.

Looking to purchase a small business? We have many years’ experience in commercial lease contract drafting, advice and negotiation. We can help to make sure that your business purchase contains no hidden surprises.

Criminal Law

Criminal convictions can make a dramatic difference to your life and at their worst can lead to time spent in gaol. If you are separated from your partner, allegations of family and domestic violence can restrict your children spending time with you and seriously affect your family law matter.

If you are faced with criminal charges it is best to get professional advice before speaking to the police or making a statement. Our solicitors can assist you with all criminal law matters including Apprehended Violence Orders, Motor Vehicle and Traffic Offences.

Greg Tyler has been appearing in the Local and District Courts for the past 35 years and has extensive experience in representing people in drink driving offences, domestic violence offences, offences involving apprehended violence orders and other criminal offences.

Employment Law - Unfair Dismissal & Sexual Harassment

Losing your job can be an unsettling and tough experience, especially if you feel like you’ve been unfairly treated, bullied or harassed in your workplace.

Often you are unable to speak out for fear of reprisals or being sacked. Quite often it can be a superior at work who is behaving like this towards you and resignation can seem like the only way to solve these problems.

We can represent you at Fair Work Commission hearings to help you negotiate fair and reasonable compensation and make sure that you receive the documentation and payments that you are entitled to.

There are strict time limits involved in an Unfair Dismissal claim, so if you feel that you have been sacked unfairly contact us as soon as possible to help you receive the entitlements owed to you.

Advance Care Directives

We don’t like talking about sickness or dying. It can be a confronting and difficult topic to discuss with our family and loved ones.

Taking that first step to arrange your affairs will save those around you from a great deal of extra stress and help them look after you when you need their care the most.

An Advance Care Directive guides your doctors and allows them to give you the level of medical treatment and dignity at a time when you may be unable to express it yourself.

Advance Care Directives can only be used if you are unable to communicate or do not have the capacity to tell your doctors your wishes. The NSW Supreme Court has said that these Directives must be followed and that they cannot be overridden by a Health Professional of a Person Responsible ensuring that your wishes are followed.

It might not be the easiest thing to talk about but our solicitors can help you take that first step so that your family can have peace of mind at such a difficult time.